Sunday 15 August 2010

King George V PSB Types - what's the distribution pattern?

I've received some more King George V Prestige Stamp Books from Tallents House, and found that a sealed pack of 10 contains a mix of types A & B self-adhesive panes.

What experience have other collectors/dealers had?


  1. Out of the packs I looked at during the London 2010 show most had NO type B panes. Only a very few packs had maybe one book with a type B pane in it. One pack I did look at had two type B pane books. So I would say type A panes were the more common type at that time.

  2. Thanks BM. Interestingly I've had people asking for type A as they couldn't find any, and I had no spare type A booklets until now.

    My earliest deliveries from Tallents House were all type B books.

  3. The pane in the single booklet I ordered from the post office is a type B. So many different "visible changes" to the Machins - makes even an elementary collection difficult to complete, but we try.... Jim in Phoenix


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