Thursday 19 August 2010

Smilers for Kids - limited success?

When Royal Mail launched the Smilers For Kids range in 2008 dealers and collectors alike were - it's not an overstatement to say - aghast.   Our protests at the production of new stamps packaged for retail sales but significantly over face were heard, but the collectors editions were not the same as those in the retail pack, so 'completists' felt obliged to buy both types.

We knew from the packaging that the option was there to have multiple sets of these, and so it was no surprise when a further set was produced in 2009.

Thankfully the heavy 2010 programme was not further weighed down by a third set this year. 

Royal Mail have now announced that all these will be taken off sale at the end of the year - 29.12.10.   This applies to the retail packs and the generic sheets of 20, stock codes SK001-SK008 and SK011-SK018.


  1. I must admit, I did get the sheets of 20 for all 8 issues - but how are collectors catalogueing them?

    Are they deemed to seperate to the generic sheets or part of that range?

    Royal mail do not include them as part of the 'generic' smiler range as thet do not include them in the year leaves set for the smilers album!
    Can anyone help

  2. Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue includes them with the other Generic Smilers.

    But you're right, Royal Mail's stock list didn't include them with the other Smilers because they were 'different' and (as you say) pages were not provided in their album.

    To my mind a marketing initiative that back-fired, starting from the point when they first made the decision to do Smilers for Kids packs - and were forced into the generic sheets by the dealers who cried 'foul' at having to pay 2x face to get the new stamps!


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