Wednesday 7 April 2010

New Security Machins on 13 May - 1st & 2nd class coils

You might think that these are not new, as a big fuss was made last year about the coils with security code MRIL.  Those were self-adhesive coils of 10,000 stamps and no singles or strips were made available through Royal Mail's philatelic service despite the stamps being "visibly different" (to use their own terminology).

Now they have produced coils of 500 and 1000 - but these are different from the ones produced last year so if you collect them, you will want both!  Coils are on sale from Tallents House; in the past these have been available as singles and strips as well as complete coils.

The new stamps have

- conventional gum

- security overprint (exact details not known)

- no security slits.

It has been suggested that these are mostly used in dispensers inside and outside post offices, and that may be the case.  However, in post office branches which have Post & Go machines the coil dispensers have been removed, as they have in many branches without P&G machines.  But if you know where coil dispensers still exist at POs, do let us know, and check out which stamps they have - they may already have the new stamps!

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