Thursday 8 April 2010

London 2010 Festival of stamps - 1st class double-head

A contact in Finland has pointed out that Royal Mail's minimally informative mailshot 'first' fails to mention that this stamp is available as a single stamp and is not just in the miniature sheet.

I checked, he's right - and it's also not included in the April 2010 Bureau Stock List although the other Festival products are.  

The stamp should be on sale at all UK post offices but for those who can't get to a PO, and for international customers, the Royal Mail stock code for the single stamp is DS414.  Gutter pairs are also available.


  1. Any word if this single stamp will constitute a variety different from the same stamp in the miniature sheet form (different gum, perfs, printer, etc.)?

  2. The printer is the same (Cartor) the perforation is likely to be the same and I don't know of any novel gum variations in the last few years (aside from self-adhesive).

    But given that one is from sheets and can be obtained in pairs, blocks, gutter pairs, cylinder blocks, etc, most people will want this as a separate stamp. Apparently RM are only putting the MS on FDCs, so it will make a lot of sense to produce FDCs with the single stamp on as well.


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