Friday 5 June 2009

Postboxes Miniature Sheet and Smilers Sheet 18 August 2009

For no apparent reason Royal Mail is issuing a miniature sheet containing four stamps depicting wall-mounted post-boxes:

The boxes shown are:
1st class - George V type 8 wallbox;
56p - Edward VII Ludlow wallbox;
81p - Victorian Lamp Box* (here inserted in a wall);
90p - Elizabeth II Type A Wallbox.

* The 'lamp box' is designed to be fitted to a post, telegraph pole, or lamp standard. I think few are attached to lamp standards now.

The first class stamp also appears in a generic Smilers Sheet with labels showing 20 other (non-pillar-box) letter boxes.

Also on this day, another Prestige Stamp Book, but I'll put news of that in a separate message.

Fuller details of both sheets and book and (eventually) the special postmarks associated with them can be found here.

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  1. People will really nick anything


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