Thursday 11 June 2009

2009 & 2010 Stamp Programme updates.

Update to the earlier update!

21 July Commemorative Sheet: 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing

3 August Thaipex Stamp Exhibition Smilers Sheet

18 August Design Classics retail booklet 3 - Concorde
(Same date as Wallboxes MS and Treasures of the Archive PSB)

17 September Design Classics retail booklet 4 - Mary Quant Mini-skirt stamps
(same date as Royal Navy Uniforms set & PSB)

18 September Commemorative Sheet - 150th Anniversary of Big Ben

7 October Commemorative Sheet - 800th Anniversary of Cambridge University

21 October Italia 2009 Exhibition Smilers Sheet

4 December MonacoPhil 2009 Exhibition Smilers Sheet


Update to 2010 programme
Design Classics retail book containing Spitfire and Concorde stamps will not, we think, now be issued in January. (It was odd that the Concorde stamp was postponed until after the end of the 40th anniversary year.)

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