Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Movember kicks off November Slogan Postmarks

The first slogan used in November seems to be for the annual Movember campaign to highlight and raise funds to fight men's cancer.

First reports were of difficult-to-read slogans, but thanks to Geoff (GBCC) on Stampboards I can show this fine example from Gatwick Mail Centre used on 1 November.


UPDATE: Thanks to a couple of readers who sent in the other version, which has no 'Delivered by' segment, but a Movember logo, here from Home Counties North on 2 November (the image has been digitally modified as it was very pale)

Hastings Pier
Several people have sent examples of this slogan from Mount Pleasant, Jubilee and Home Counties North Mail Centres, though some are almost unreadable.  JG tells us that the result of the RIBA Stirling Prize competition was announced on 31 October, but this slogan appears to have been used only on 6 November (ahead of the Christmas slogans - see below). (Thanks also to AB, GW & RW)

Hastings Pier - 
Winner of the 
RIBA Stirling
Prize 2017

The reversed version of the slogan applied to the side of a square envelope, from North & West Yorkshire Mail Centre.

As you know, two of this year's Christmas stamp designs were selected from schools competition entries.  According to Royal Mail's Press Release this will be marked in a special slogan postmark on mail arriving this week.
"In addition, to mark their success, a special postmark will feature on mail delivered to addresses nationwide. Each child will have their name on the postmark for a week in November with the message: “Ted Lewis-Clark/Arwen Wilson – Winner of Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp Design Competition.” Ted and Arwen’s postmarks will feature on mail delivered from 7 November and 14 November, respectively. "
UPDATE 8 November.
Our post this morning brought two examples of the Ted Lewis-Clark slogan, from North & West Yorkshire, and from South East Anglia as shown below.  Both are dated 7 November.

Ted Lewis-Clark
Winner of
Royal Mail's
Christmas Stamp
Design Competition

And another version of this slogan, from Jubilee Mail Centre on 8 November.  Note the different layout of the slogan itself over 4 lines instead of 5:

Ted Lewis-Clark
Winner of Royal Mail's
Christmas Stamp
Design Competition

UPDATE 15 November:
The annual Remembrance slogan was used nationwide - however the only examples we have seen are both 2nd class from Peterborough Mail Centre, one on 9th and one on 10th November.

After that, World Diabetes Day (14th) was marked in a continuation of Royal Mail's health slogans.  One could build up an interesting thematic collection of slogans related to health!  This one is from Warrington Mail Centre on 13-11-2017.

Our right to
a healthy future
World Diabetes Day
14 November

UPDATE 18 November
The second Christmas Competition slogan has been in use this week and one arrived in the post this morning.  This is the 4-line version from Glasgow MC on 16 November.  [Thanks also to AB for one from Warrington, also 4-line, on 14th.)  The fact that Arwen's was announced as being from 14th suggests that Royal Mail operations already knew that they would run Diabetes Day on 13th, but they declined to make this public.  It's not rocket science to make the announcement: if nothing else social media would do.

Arwen Wilson
Winner of Royal Mail's
Christmas Stamp
Design Competition

As usual, your contributions of examples of this and other November slogans are welcomed and will be shown here.

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