Sunday 28 April 2024

Royal Mail bows to pressure from the media and MPs on Counterfeit Stamp Surcharges

Following widespread media and political criticism about the handling of counterfeit stamps, I have been told this by a reader, but I have been unable to confirm that things will be changing.

Royal Mail is changing how it handles counterfeit stamps it identifies.

From tomorrow (29th April) if the item does NOT have a return address it will be delivered with a yellow sticker informing them the stamp is fake and advise them to let the sender know, but it will not be surcharged. 

If there is a return address, it will be sent back and surcharged as now.

Look out for new yellow labels! 

UPDATE 29 April.

The Telegraph has reported that Royal Mail are under more political to change:

(Business and Post Office Minister Kevin) Hollinrake wrote: “You will be aware of concerns being expressed by parliamentary colleagues about the £5 surcharge being applied, where a number of them have claimed that they have bought stamps from legitimate sources, but which have then been identified as counterfeit by your system.

“I recognise that where fake stamps have been used, it is right that the item should be treated as though no postage has been paid, but we urge you to suspend the £5 charge in such circumstances until the wider issue is resolved where there is some uncertainty that requires further investigation, whether for senders’ individual cases or more generally.”

Please report any changes - or discussions with Royal Mail employees - and send any images for publication.  Thank you.


  1. US Postal Service’s stated policy is to destroy all mail with counterfeit stamps. Can’t get more customer-hostile than that.

  2. Have you seen this article from Telegraph 19/4/24? ?


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