Tuesday 2 April 2024

No Tracked 24/48 at Post Offices Yet

When the new postal tariff was announced one new service was included in the rates leaflet.  This was Tracked 24/48.

But on Thursday 28th, just before the Easter holiday, Post Office branches were told that there had been a breakdown in the negotiations between Royal Mail and Post Office Ltd about income share, and the service is not yet available.

My contact was unable to say when it might happen, and - until more information was received by them - unable to say whether stamps would be accepted as postage.  (A comment on the original post suggested that they would not be.)

If stamps are not accepted - and there is nothing in the rates leaflet to indicate one way or the other - this would be the only service apart from those operated by ParcelForce for which stamps could not be used.


  1. I collect Signed for labels and usually do a first and second class cover for the new rates. The problems I had posting these at Basildon post office, the womon wanted to know whats in the envelope, told I dont need to used signed for, finally they got done as requested but she was not happy doing them. I was hoping to get the tracked FDC as well, She would not except it was a new service tried to palm me off with something else, would not accept the details as shown in the current list. A very insulting person told me to see the manager. Saw the manager and she was just as helpfull, All I could get its not on the system, basically not interested now go away. Thats the usually service I get in Basildon. I went to another post office located in Basildon hospital what a difference the person checked as far as possible, it would seem the new sevice was not up and running. Person was Mega help full, Also posted a Post and Go signed for on the 2nd. It was charged at the old rate, looks like post and go was not updated I suspect I get a £5 fine for that. mm

  2. "If stamps are not accepted - and there is nothing in the rates leaflet to indicate one way or the other" - I see no reason why stamps should NOT be accepted.
    Looking at the price leaflet now really does suggests that "UK Signed" won't last much longer, nor will the new "Tracked with Signature".
    For a second class Small Parcel up to 2kg it's
    £3.89 Tracked, only 20p extra
    £5.09 Signed - £1.40 extra
    £5.29 Tracked with signature - £1.60 extra

  3. Wouldn't this be a breach in contract or some kind of trading standards dispute; i.e. selling stamps that can't then be used for a Royal Mail service (Tracked 48) at the post office. A lot of us have stamps to use and they still sell stamps and to be not allowed to use them for Royal Mail services (especially if they get rid of signed for), would upset not just a lot of stamp collectors but many businesses.

  4. I tried to send a parcel value £110 using Tracked 48 last week and was told that as I had stamped it with stamps, that stamps were not acceptable. I then had to send it Signed For but the compensation is only £20, not £150. If this is right - you can't use stamps as like Parcel Force sendings - then in order to get a higher level of compensation than £20, I'd have to pay much more in postage.

  5. If it turns out that stamps cannot be used for certain services like Tracked 48, as experienced by LondonRobert, this would indeed mark a departure from traditional practices. Stamps have historically been a versatile and straightforward method of paying for postal services. Restricting their use could inconvenience many, not least stamp collectors and small businesses who have accumulated stamps for postal purposes.

    The lack of clear information and the inconsistencies reported in different Post Office branches could be seen as a failure in communication and customer service. These issues might warrant a review under customer rights and trading standards, especially if they result in customers being unable to use a legitimate form of payment that is still being sold, or receiving inferior service as a result.

    For those affected, it might be advisable to seek clarification directly from Post Office Ltd or Royal Mail, or to lodge formal complaints if the services promised and the terms of payment are not being adhered to. Monitoring updates from both entities will also be crucial as this situation continues to develop.

    Ultimately, if stamps are excluded from newly introduced services, there might need to be a broader discussion about the future role of stamps in postal services and how this aligns with consumer rights and expectations.


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