Saturday 2 March 2024

Sales of Invalidated stamps - New NVI, airmail, double-head list

I wrote in January that this exercise was nearing its end.   The final list is a wrap-up of stamps in categories not included in the other lists.

The new list is List 12 - NVIs and miscellaneous. It tidies all the loose ends not covered by the X-, Y,- and U-numbered stamps. It extends to the double-headed (Queen Victoria) stamps including those with numerical face values, and the airmail stamps. 

This apparently simple set of 5 was printed by three printers, using two processes and two different perforation gauges.  At the time these were issued Royal Mail was trying various types of booklet production and whilst some books of 4/10 were normally perforated, some were guillotined (ie imperforate) on the two long sides, and some on three sides, producing stamps with one edge or two adjacent edges imperforate. 

So to the basic SG Concise listing of 13 can be added 20 perforation varieties. Later there were 20p and 1st class printings with elliptical perforations, so there are another 5 there.  Quite attractive are se-tenant pairs with top and bottom, or left and right imperforate.  (This type of collecting is very popular in Sweden.)

The list includes many stamps with either blue or yellow phosphor, and several different 1st & 2nd class coils, some available in strips of up to 20 (although folded at 5s).  

List 12 also includes the short-lived Pricing in Proportion stamps of 2006, and the five airmail NVIs including these two.

Some of these are also available in complete booklets and exist with many misplaced phosphor bands.

Also listed are three different 'Boots' labels.


The full list

List 1 Booklets for sale v13

List 2 Prestige Booklets v3 

List 3 Regional Machin definitives (not yet updated)

List 5 Pictorial Country definitives (not yet updated)

List 7 Machin X-list for sale v4 (updated 26 January)

List 8 Machin Y-list for sale v4 (updated 26 January)

List 9 Security Machins for sale 

List 10 - Smilers Sheets and singles for sale

List 11 - Castle High Values 1988-1997.

NEW: List 12 - NVIs, airmail, PIP and miscellaneous. (2 March 2024)

Some stocks are already lower than shown on these lists because I have returned to Royal Mail some hundreds of stamps, mainly where the quantities I had were excessive.  I've also broken up some Prestige Books - all those have been available here for long enough for anybody who needed them.

If the quantity is shown as zero 0 or - for sheet stamps, then please do not ask for these as we do not have any stock.  Zero quantities for booklet stamps may be sourced from booklets - please ask.

The next stocks I shall weed will be Regional and Country stamps (Lists 3 and 5) because there is very little interest in those now.   

If anybody would like a bulk lot of low-value stamps for crafting or other artistic purposes please contact me by email.  

Similarly if anybody would like any empty PSB books, or the gummed part of some panes, please also contact me.  There are some for which I have dozens, and I would gladly send them.

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