Monday 18 March 2024

More on pre-printed King Charles stamps on Direct Mail (PPI)

We in the UK hear a lot about 'non-doms' in the media and from politicians and tax campaigners.  If you are not aware of this don't worry, this is just a play on words, because here we have what is, as far as I can recall, the first 'non-denom'.  An NVI in the truest sense!

Apparently this is the latest mailshot 'To The Occupier' from the Salvation Army and the picture was sent to me today by DR, who says a number of his friends have received them.  

I don't think we have seen one like this before, nor from the previous reign (though your memory may be better than mine!).

Non-denominated 2nd class green PPI King Charles III definitive on Salvation Army mailshot.

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  1. This really is what Digital Stamps should have been from the start as the 'Second' value has been used irrespective of whether the item was a Second Class or an Economy PPI. For Large Letters I've had roughly equal numbers with a 'Second' or a 'Second Large' ( Elizabeth or Charles ) Digital Stamp, the 'Second' obviously being wrong and surely subject to the occasional erroneous challenge by Revenue Protection which would make an interesting postal History item.


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