Wednesday 23 August 2023

Royal Mail employees chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation's Heart now has free Helpline due to support.

Press release 22 August 2023

Thanks to fundraising through our partnership with Royal Mail, the British Heart Foundation's vital helpline is now free to call for the first time since the service was first made available over 20 years ago.

The Heart Helpline is a service where heart patients can call and speak to our experienced cardiac nurses about their condition and concerns. The Heart Helpline, which is open five days a week, offers expert information and support about heart and circulatory diseases and their risk factors to approximately 80 callers a day. 

Switching to a freephone number means the public won’t be charged for seeking support from an experienced cardiac nurse, making heart health information and guidance more accessible than ever.   

The partnership with Royal Mail will last until 2026 with the goal of protecting heart health and saving lives across communities. This first fundraising milestone will be hugely significant for the 1,600 callers that come through the Heart Helpline each month looking for expert guidance.

Greg Sage, Deputy Director Corporate Affairs & ESG, Royal Mail said: “It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to make the Heart Helpline freely accessible for the British public, and brilliant to hear how it’s going to benefit individuals and families across the country. It’s only been made possible through the hard fundraising efforts of our colleagues here at Royal Mail. 

“Royal Mail staff have pushed themselves through physical challenges such as the London Marathon, BHF’s London to Brighton Bike Ride and generously donated through Payroll Giving and worked hard on initiatives to raise money for BHF. It’s a proud achievement for us to have enabled the Heart Helpline to be moved to a freephone number and we’re looking forward to seeing what other impact our partnership with BHF can have.”

No mentioned in the press release, the number is 0808 802 1234

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