Wednesday 9 August 2023

King Charles III make-up values official release date 29 August 2023

I've headlined the Official Release Date because I have had several reports of the 20p at least being sold at Post Office branches which have exhausted their stocks of Queen Elizabeth stamps.  Of course they ought to be selling 2 x 10p Machins but as the deliveries of stamps no longer have a 'Do Not Sell Before' notice with them, they will sell them early.  I don't know what Post Office Ltd official policy is.

Poor photo of 20p King Charles III definitives taken in Post Office branch.

According to Royal Mail: "Following the introduction of the King Charles 1st and 2nd Class Definitive stamp in April 2023 the full range of low and high value definitive stamps will be issued on 29th August 2023."   That said, the range no longer includes the £3 value which some people have reported, based on the information on their payment advice.

The complete set of seven new King Charles Definitive low value stamps typically used to make up remaining postage fees. The King’s effigy appears alongside a 2D barcode printed in matching colour alongside the main body of the stamp, separated by a simulated perforation line. The colours for all seven values are retained from the Machin stamps.

All the stamps are the same size, and the same size as before, 39 x 30 mm.

Enlargement of the £1 stamp, cylinder number allows for a single stamp to be collected rather than a block.  

Block of 10, showing the cylinder number, barcode, colour-spots, FSC certification, printing date, cylinder grid, colour blocks in right margin.

Printing Dates

13/02/23 - 1p, 2p, 5p, 

14/02/23 - 10p, 20p, 50p, 

15/02/23 - £1, £2, £5

(Thanks to JH for spotting the typos)

Products available

Set of 7 stamps, set of 2 stamps, presentation packs (2), first day covers (2).

Some information from Royal Mail said that the high value presentation pack "includes the new £2.20 mint stamp featuring the new portrait of His Majesty King Charles III presented in a refreshed definitive presentation pack with more information about the new portrait."

It doesn't, the pack's cost does not cover the additional stamp, which had its own pack when originally issued.

One of our readers has been told by Tallents House that these will be available to pre-order on Monday 14th August; our embargo date is 15th August - images will be added here then.


Meanwhile, although the embargo is still a few days away, Tallents House are using packing material from the new stamps to send our current orders:

Part of packing material for 5p & 10p sheets of King Charles III stamps.
These large sheets of card also have smaller labels printed with

UPDATE 17 August.

Several people have mentioned that only the sets are available from Royal Mail's website and not the sheets.

Product codes etc are shown below; you could TRY to use these in your telephone or online orders - do let me know how successful this is!

1p Stamp



2p Stamp



5p Stamp



10p Stamp



20p Stamp



50p Stamp



£1 Stamp



£2 Stamp



£5 Stamp




  1. Not available to order at the moment (10am)

  2. I called, they said last week the 14th but not that it was midnight on the 14th so tomorrow we are ok.

  3. The 9 Stamps: Low Value 1p 2p 5p 10p 20p 50p £1.00 High Value £2.00 £5.00

  4. Only the sets, no make up values yet

    1. Trevor I ordered mine yesterday low values £1.88 high values £7 they are there.

    2. No I meant complete sheets not for sale yet!

    3. Product codes for individual stamps are now shown in the blog.

  5. Ian - When entered in search they all take you back to the page with the 'sets' on

    1. Yes I know; must do it by phone, I suppose.
      Dealers can buy individual stamps - complain that you want to as well!

  6. Then after there are issued there will be PSBs again, Shirley Bassey, although I might have expected ( but not wanted ) one or two since March with Charles NVI definitives in.

  7. Big difference between presentation pack and stamps on firstday cover another mistake?

    1. Probably not; it will depend on how much of the cost is liable to VAT. The more the extra over face, the more the tax so it becomes a wider gap. But check with RM if you're concerned.

    2. Perhaps lack of security slits on the stamps is the difference rather than price.

    3. There are security features on all the stamps; the face value, extras (for the PP and FDC) and taxes determine the price.


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