Monday 7 August 2023

August 2023 slogan postmarks and other interesting postal markings.

Slogans used in August will be shown here; please check for latest updates before spending your time scanning, but if you have something new or another format, then please do send it in for publication.

July's slogan postmarks went out with no new additions, and continued into August with the default British Heart Foundation support slogan.

Here are some with August dates, thanks to RW

British Heart Foundation slogan SE Wales Mail Centre 04/08/2023

British Heart Foundation slogan Bristol Mail Centre 03/08/2023

UPDATE 29 August 2023.

A real surprise from North & West Yorkshire Mail Centre which last week marked the Coronation in May, with this example used on 22/08/2023.

Coronation slogan postmark used in error at North & West Yorkshire Mail Centre 22/08/2023

Other postmarks, postal markings etc,

No reports this month

If you have any other interesting postal markings, please send them to one of the email addresses in the top right of this blog.  Thank you.

Remember, all postmarks appearing in August will be added to this post, so check here before you spend time scanning and emailing.  I'll add new ones as quickly as possible.



  1. I've not had a slogan postmark, or any postmark, on any of the stamped mail we've received for a few weeks.
    It makes me wonder if Royal Mail thinks there's no need now that stamps are barcoded, but barcoding won't stop people reusing uncancelled stamps if they don't know what barcoding is for, and they mostly don't know that.

  2. On the other hand I have had almost all my Mail with Slogans, and on some with both Slogans & or CDS, I have not had a Pen through a Stamp in Months
    must be they got my message I keep sending to the London Postal HQ, RW


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