Wednesday 3 May 2023

KIng Charles II Coronation: Royal Mail decorates four postboxes, the public decorate others

Press Release 3 May 2023

Ahead of the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla, Royal Mail has unveiled four special postboxes across the UK. The postboxes display the occasion’s official emblem in celebration of The Coronation.

The postboxes are located across the UK in:

  • Westminster, London: Abingdon Street (on the corner of Great College Street), SW1P 3JY
  • Edinburgh: High Street, EH1 1SG
  • Cardiff: St John’s Street, CF10 1GL
  • Royal Hillsborough, County Down: Main Street, BT26 6AE

The Westminster postbox is situated very close to Westminster Abbey, where the Coronation is taking place on Saturday, 6 May.

Government Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer said: “The Coronation of Charles III is going to be a huge historic moment for the UK and one that will be celebrated with a weekend packed with different ways for people to get involved.

"Our postboxes are recognised the world over as an iconic symbol of Britain and these four iconic unique Coronation postboxes will leave a lasting royal legacy in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Royal Hillsborough."

David Gold, Director of External Affairs & Policy at Royal Mail, said: “The Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla is a momentous occasion and one that will be celebrated across UK. We are proud to mark such a historic event and to offer our warmest congratulations to the King and Queen”.

Double postbox in Westminster, London, decorated for the Coronation.

Postbox in Hillsborough, Belfast, decorated for the Coronation.

Postbox in Cardiff decorated for the Coronation.
Uproar over coronation postbox unveiled outside Owain Glyndŵr pub

Unofficial Box toppers made by 'yarn-bombers' around the country

From the top: Chesterfield, Edinburgh, Felixstowe, Gateshead, unknown, Cheadle.

Thanks for the Cheadle picture to AW; all other pictures from Twitter.  I'll not be posting any more as there are limits to just how many images Google will allow to be posted on blogs, and I am at 85% of that!


  1. Wrong post, Simon. I've moved it to the right one.

  2. Certainly newsworthy !
    ‘Kick in the teeth’ as Coronation postbox placed outside pub named after Welsh rebel


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