Wednesday 22 March 2023

Machin definitives - get them before they go up in smoke!

Six weeks ago I alerted readers to the production of my list of Machins with X numbers, that is the first decimal stamps which had ordinary perforations.

I have added a price list of the gummed Machin definitives with ordinary perforations (Gibbons X-numbers) to Dropbox today. You can download it at the link below.

This list includes a number of specialist variants to catalogue listed stamps, including some of the shortened phosphor bands (which are illustrated).

Also included are many of the high-catalogue stamps from Prestige Stamp Books but at much lower prices than elsewhere.

We now have until July to use the stamps, but I shall continue to work on lists so that those readers who wish to add to their collections at bargain prices can do so, while the stamps are still available.  Some are only in very small quantities and when they are gone, they are gone (unless I find any more!). And if they don't go, then it's off to Royal Mail's incinerator. 

List 1 - Booklets: Window, folded, label, mixed content.  

This list contains Stanley Gibbons series prefixed F, G, H, MG1 and the PM series of mixed content self-adhesive booklets.  (More F & G books added; stitched booklets added 25 July)

List 2 - Prestige Stamp Booklets, DX series - no DY series (premium priced) available.

List 3 - Machin Regional Definitives - Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.           

List 4 - Varieties on Machin Folded Booklets 

List 6 - Self-adhesive booklets - Pre-security, airmail, security, greetings.

List 7 - Machin gummed definitives with ordinary perforations - SG X-numbers

Machins with elliptical perforations, the SG Y-numbers: many are listed in our online shop.  We can combine orders from these lists and the shop, but please choose the 'Pay by cheque' option on the shop, do not pay by paypal or card or we will not be able to combine for accounting. 

Thank you to all the readers, especially new customers, who have been able to add to their collections by buying some of these and saving them from the incinerators.  As I am also liquidating my own Machin and country stamps many of these are one-offs, but there are still bargains to be had.

Due to domestic matters and dealing with orders, I have not been able to produce any more lists, nor to update the existing ones, which is I may not be able to supply everything you might want.

List 7 also includes the square high values (SG 829-831b) and the tall high values (SG 1026-28).  

Not included, although I have them are the NVIs and PIP NVIs as shown above.  

I'll be happy to have wants lists, by SG number, for this type of stamp, including self-adhesive and coils.

Please send lists by email - text or spreadsheet welcome.

UPDATE:  Thank you for lists sent since this was posted, especially for spreadsheet lists. These (or word docs in tables) are especially useful for large quantities.  I'm not working on these much at weekends, and there will be interruptions on some other days, so please be patient.  All will be acknowledged so that you know I've got them.


  1. After £300 worth of Machin definitives swapped last year I've now done the remaining £33 and noticed ;
    My incomplete sheet of 2nd definitives is dated 11/04/22 not 01/12/21.
    Replacements for the discontinued face values included one less 2nd than expected but one extra 20p and one extra 2p - presumably to 'overpay' me just 11p rather than 57p.
    There were more loose stamps this time - e.g. 39 x 2nd as 30 + 4 + 3 + 2 ; 19 x 20p as 15 + 2 + 1 + 1 - which I thought was rather shoddy.
    I was sent one stamp short - but a 1p missing so of no consequence.

    1. My last returns included 44 and 23, and I was sent sheets with 6 and 2 stamps removed.

      Somebody has to have these odds, and although you could have had 35+4 (or 40-1) and 15+4 (20-1) I think it makes sense for the loose shrapnel to be gathered and sent as 'make-ups'.

    2. Ian,
      Yes, it doesn't really matter but I like a good moan now and again.


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