Sunday 12 March 2023

List of other philatelic blogs.

If you look at this blog on a desktop machine, you will see a long panel on the right hand side, which starts with the introduction (a sort of 'About us'), followed by a small advert, which helps to pay for hosting, and a blog archive list.

There's also a Translate widget which is a standard feature and does quite a good job of translating, although there may be problems with the idomatic and casual use of our language!

Then there's a list of LINKS which includes links to our own sales lists, the Norvic, Post and Go, and Forgeries catalogues, and other useful pages.

After this is a list of other philatelic blogs, although if you view on a tablet or mobile phone you may never have gone to the bottom of this list, and if so you may have missed them.

Here's a quick summary:

Commonwealth Stamps Opinion - WhiteKnight's invaluable & incisive commentary on CW & GB stamps and non-stamps

Machin Mania - Ray (& Larry)'s longstanding blog with a wealth of Machin info.

Somerset Postal History - Leamphil's blog covers a wide range of periods, not just old!

UK Stamp Fair reviews and other philatelic matters Alastair Gunn: fairs & articles in SM 3/23

Norvic Philatelics: Modern British Postal History - Our occasional GB postal history notes and one on which I would like to be much more active.

31p purple: News for definitive collectors - Andrew Hill on Machins

Scandinavian Stamps - Peter's sporadic musings on Scandinavia (last updated 6/21)

Musings of a letter writer, stamp user & occasional Postcrosser - Mia's musings on letter writing, bringing us back to the purposes of stamps

Gulfmann ATM Collection - George WU's information on Post and Go / ATM stamps worldwide

cddstamps on stamps - Michael's showcase for his HipStamps sales

Luxembourgian Philately -  'Arsdorf' (last updated May 2022)

Lithuanian philately blog -  Prahandaki, last updated 6/18 sporadic

Trevor Pateman's Philately Blog - 'Russia' (in it's widest sense) specialist – some good older articles.

Great Britain Philately - Andrew Liptak (deceased) (philcovex) Last updated November 2012. Some very useful information and excellent images, espeically pre QE2 postal history.

Postal History Corner -  Andrew Liptak (deceased) Canadian – Last updated July 2014, Now managed by Postal History Society of Canada

DJCMH's Philatelic Blog 2.0 Last updated April 2018

Arnold Machin Stamps! -  Matt in NSW, some useful pictures & info Last updated April 2018

Only the top 10, ie the 10 most recently updated appear normally, although there is a switch to 'See all'. 

If you know of any other useful ones, especially GB, please let me know.

Also, let me know if you do or don't find the list useful.  I had thought of dropping off the older ones, but the British and Canadian ones of the late Andrew Liptak are too good to lose and while the exist, the will be included here.

( And if you write a blog, or have a website, what arrangements have you set in place for its continuation when yo are no longer able to? )



  1. A good website for PSBs, . Shows contents and layout of Books and lists known errors

  2. Very interesting.

    I had - wrongly, it seems - thought the links were ordered according to when they were last updated, so I will have to make a point of (re-)visiting some of those lower down the list.

    1. No, you're right -

      "Only the top 10, ie the 10 most recently updated appear normally, although there is a switch to 'See all'. " but I maybe should have put that nearer the top of the blog!

  3. Thanks for the mention Ian hope all well there best wishes Michael


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