Wednesday 11 January 2023

January 2023 Postmark Slogans and other interesting postal markings

All slogan postmarks used in Janaury will be shown here; please check for latest updates before spending your time scanning, but if you have something new or another format, then please do send it in for publication.

The earlier default 'Use your old stamps' slogan continues with the original 31 January date. This is because the deadline is still said to be 31 January, and the extension to July is only a 'grace period', during which no charges will be levied.   I suppose there will be so many being used in spring that Royal Mail decided not to put effort into raising surcharges and collecting money, and alienating recipients.  

We actually had one delivered here from Home Counties North, but it's not as good as this one from Jubilee Mail Centre dated 09-01-2023.

Use up your non-barcoded stamps default slogan Jubilee Mail Centre 09-01-2023

UPDATE 26 January: Thanks to OT32 for sending this obscured slogan from South East Anglia (Chelmsford) Mail Centre 26/01/2023 marking Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January.  I can't find any Royal Mail publicity about this, so I can't yet say what the wording of the slogan is:

Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 slogan at South East Anglia 26/01/23

UPDATE 27 January: My thanks to several people who have confirmed the wording, which is shown slightly more clearly in the scan below which arrived this morning.  It is in the other layout, from Jubilee Mail Centre 26-10-2023.

Holocaust Memorial Day
Light a candle
in your window
4pm 27 January 2023

Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 slogan at Jubilee Mail Centre 27/01/23

UPDATE 1 February:  A last example, and the clearest so far thanks to WU of London.  This is from Nottingham Mail Centre on 2601/2023, particularly apt because the The National Holocaust Centre and Museum is located in that county, by coincidence a few miles from Tuxford (see below).  This confirms the wording shown above.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2023 slogan at Nottingham Centre 26/01/23

A new, possibly default, slogan was introduced on 31 January for mail delivered on 1 February, and this is pictured in the February post.

Other postmarks

Anybody collecting branch postmarks these days may make more use than before of their gazetteers or online searches, as the inscriptions so often tell little about where the post office actually is.  So it is with this cds from Tuxford dated 14 JA 23.  Google tells me that it is in Nottinghamshire, north of Newark and not far from Markham Moor.   But don't we wish for the days when counter date stamps included the name of the Post Town or county?

Counter date stamp from Tuxford Nottinghamshire 14 January 2023.



  1. Would someone please tell me why we are all saying ‘swap out’ instead of simply ‘swap’? Is it a RM affectation?

    1. That's the term they use. Why they didn't use 'trade-in" or "swap" is anybody's guess.

    2. In the world of engineering and IT (at least in US usage) Swap Out means to remove a faulty or expired component and replace with a new one. Which is sort of appropriate. Swap just means an exchange which is voluntary, Swap Out means an exchange which is necessary to keep operating.

      That's my theory anyway....

    3. Thanks, Neil, that's useful/.

  2. ...or "exchange".

    Although there is a grace period there is a note in the January Postmark Bulletin that non barcoded Machin and Country Definitives will be invalid from 31st January and will not be accepted for cancelling at the Handstamp Centres.

  3. Just received an email from Royal Mail which states “Use up or swap your
    regular, non-barcoded stamps by 31 July 2023”

    Perhaps an updated postmark will follow soon?

  4. Sorry, same person as posted the previous comment (can’t get my name to show consistently).

    It’s just struck me that the email says (to paraphrase) use up or swap by 31 July 23. Previously it said use up by 31 January 23 or swap. Is the swap out scheme coming to an end on 31 July?

  5. Seems to read Holocaust memorial day, light a candle in you window4pm27? jan 2023.


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