Monday 28 February 2022

Updated version of the Norvic Security Machin Checklist is now available.

I am pleased to announce that the latest version of our long-running and ever-developing Checklist has now been made available for free download.

The main development this time is the inclusion of the new NVI stamps issued at the start of February which incorporate a datamatrix code, and are issued in new colours, the Royal Mail 'brand red' having now been abandoned on stamps.  As the issue of the make-up values (1p-£1, £2-£5) has been announced for early April, these have been incorporated on a provisional basis.

It is likely that a number of new airmail values will be issued at the same time, and news of these should be publicised in March while we are away.  Details will be added to the blog on our return and a new Checklist issued as soon as possible.

Download here, or always download the latest version by clicking on the Link (On desktop computers and tablets this is in the right-hand column; if you are using a smart phone you will probably have to click on 'View Web Version' at the foot of the page and proceed from there.)

As usual, if you spot any errors, do please let me know by email as soon as possible.  Many thanks.


- New 2nd Class Large grey-green business sheet shows MNIL instead of MBI.

- Table on page 3, 2920E and 2921E should be 2921F and 2921F;  colour of 1st Large should read Turquoise-blue.

- page 10, 1st purple book of 4 should be code MFIL rather than MEIL.

- page 12, 2nd Large gre-green should be code MBIL not MNIL (finger slip).

- pp 13, 14,  colour of 1st Large should read Turquoise-blue.


  1. Just a question...the new version of the checklist has a listing for a 2nd Class Large grey-green business sheet with datamatrix code...with "MNIL"/"M22L". A site I recently ordered booklet single form does not list that variant, but does list "MBIL"/"M22L", which I don't see in the new checklist. The business sheets of the other three rates are all "MBIL". Should the "MNIL" actually be "MBIL"?

    1. Yes, that will be a slip of the finger, Jonathan, N being next to B. Thank you for pointing it out. Some of the RM product codes are also wrong, and some which were blank are now confirmed. I'll issue a new list in April.


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