Friday 17 December 2021

Souvenirs of organised philately: Norfolk & Norwich PS Centenary 2011.

Ten years ago the Norfolk and Norwich Philatelic Society celebrated its centenary with a public exhibition and a host of souvenirs.

The Centenary coincided with the issue of the United Kingdom A-Z stamp issue and first day covers sold well to FDC collectors around the country.  Other souvenirs included a Smilers Sheet (see above), (covers were produced with single Smilers stamps on) and several others which, as predicted, did not sell as well.  See them here.

Ten years on the Society activities are on hold due to the pandemic while arrangements are made for the resumption of acitivities next year.  

As custodian of the souvenirs I have held these in my office but as I am now trying to make more space the society is disposing of them through various channels.

Revised special offer prices for covers.

3. NNPS Smiler cover - £2.50

4. 350th Anniv of the Postmark Smiler - £1.25

5. Norfolk Broads Millennium stamp on cover - £1.25

6. Prince of Wales Paintings set on cover - £1.25

7. PoW Painting, Dersingham + definitive on cover - £1.50
The Post and Go birds singles, signed by artist Robert Gillmor are available at a discounted price through the Norvic Philatelics shop, where you can also find the 64 page Centenary publication, Norfolk Posts & Personalities also available.  
Please let me know by email if you would like any of these (including the signed P&G covers); postage will be extra but cheap.  Payment by bank transfer, UK cheque, or PayPal Friends and Family. If you cannot pay by these means please include this in your email.

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