Thursday 9 December 2021

New version of the Norvic Security Machin Checklist published - v 259

After I published the last, delayed, edition a number of people contacted me with adjustments or additions, for which I am very grateful.  As we are now definitely at the end of the year, I decided that it was time to publish a new version as I am sure that there will be new stamps quite early in 2022 to add to the list.

As we have had Christmas (definitive-sized) stamps with datamatrix codes it can't be long before the Machin counter sheets appear the same way, and if counter sheets are changing then booklets probably will also.  

For booklets this will undoubtedly mean a change in size or content - either the booklets will be larger, which seems unlikely, or the contents will be reduced.  Instead of 6 and 12, booklets of 4 and 8 seem likely based on the size of the Christmas counter sheets.

No news about 2022 can be published yet, but if anybody has a list of likely subjects with dates of issue and reasons, I'll be pleased to publish it for everybody's entertainment!

You can download the new Checklist at the usual link on the right hand column (desk-top view), or here

Security warning!

Some browsers will warn you that this download might be a security risk.  That's because our old website and server does not have a security certificate, that is it is still accessed as http://---- rather than https:// .  Because of time constraints we have kept all new information on the blog, and not updated the website.  Consequently not only does it sometimes have that warning, but it has also not been adapted for phones and other portable devices.  It renders correctly on laptops and tablets, but may be small on those.  I'm sorry, but there is nothing planned to change this situation, we are far too busy on other matters.

Checklist - if you do not want to visit the site to download, please email me and I will send a pdf copy. Be aware though that this is a 750k file and some people have mail software setting rejected attachments of this size.


  1. Hi Ian,
    When I tried to download the latest checklist, my browser (Firefox) refused to do so as it considered it to be a security risk. My guess is that this is because the URL starts with http: rather than https:. I overrode the warning OK - this is just a warning to others in case they think you've been hacked!


  2. "Instead of 6 and 12, booklets of 4 and 8 seem likely based on the size of the Christmas counter sheets".
    Or maybe the twelve could be folded into three panes of for rather than two of six.

    1. If they do produce books of 8, then we we should see a new source code MEIL.

  3. Well we know there will be a Covid Heroes set, and surely something for HM Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

  4. The Commonwealth Games will be in Birmingham, so that's a good candidate for a set. And I wouldn't mind betting there will be a set for Christmas!


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