Friday 20 August 2021

New Machin business sheet - 2nd Large M21L

For the record I am now able to show the 2nd class Large Business Sheet for 2021.  This has the date and sheet number applied in a very 'italicised' way vertically on the reverse and show that it was printed on 5 January this year.

2nd class Large M21L Business Sheet, printed 5 January 2021.


  1. Maybe off topic but the Royal Mail Military Vehicles issue is on show on the Commonwealth Stamps Opinion blog, they look quite good .

  2. They are also shown on the Royal Mail shop site

    1. Only in outline, and you can't pre-order. The usual 'testing in a live environment' cock-up from RM S&C and the webteam.

    2. This morning there is one item from the issue that you CAN order - a framed print. Says it all about RM's priorities, doesn't it?


    3. Made enquiries as to where the 'First' was for this issue this morning. I was told it had been delayed due to events in Afghanistan and was due to be sent out Monday (Bank Holiday). This was then corrected to Friday 27/08/21. As a result of the delay an extension till 09/09/2021 has been given for obtaining FDC's.

    4. OK, no more comments on the War Vehicles. The PR launch was delayed from last week and we were told this morning that it would be tomorrow. My already-written blog entry goes live around midnight.


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