Thursday 19 August 2021

Additions to our online shop - 21st century sets and PSB panes

When we moved our e-commerce site from osCommerce to Freewebstore, not all products were moved immediately, which is why I find that while some pages in the stockbooks are almost empty, others are quite full.   I hope you find something of interest in our Recent Additions.

These are some of the additions (SG numbers quoted)

MS2201 - Weather MS
2202-5 - Submarine Centenary
MS2206 - Submarine Centenary flags MS 

2224-9 Punch & Judy strip
2232 - Nobel Prizes Centenary

2253 - Golden Jubilee set, and panes with upright watermark
MS2291 - World Cup
2309 - London's Bridges
2316 - Postboxes

MS2367 - Wilding Anniversary MS
MS2416  Rugby World Cup Winners

2574 - Trafalgar Bicentenary set, miniature sheet & panes
2721 - World of Invention gummed set from PSB
2734 - Beside the Seaside set

2868a - RAF Spitfire and Red Arrows pane
2955a - Treasures of the Archive double-head pane 1st/20p
2957a - ditto, Lord Mayor's Show pane
2964a/7a - Royal Navy Uniforms panes
2970a - Royal Navy Flags pane

London 2010
3066a - 1st & £1 double-heads pane of 6
3067a - Empire Exhibition pane of 4
3070a Seahorses pane of 2.

3216a - First Aerial Post Centenary panes

and others.


More will be added as we take a hard look at what else we have to offer.  I hope you will find that prices are generally below normal market prices, and if you see any glaring errors (eg decimal point in the wrong place!)  please do let us know!


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