Monday 9 August 2021

August Slogan postmarks, and others - and other postal markings.

This is the place for all new slogans for August, and any other interesting postal markings that I find or which are reported.

Well, a third of the way through the month and no new slogans reported since Dog Awareness Week in early July.  But if there are any reports, then this is where they will be shown.


UPDATE 24 August:  I can't let the month end with no postmarks at all, so in the absence of any special slogans so far this month here's the default which arrived in Norvic Towers today, posted at BA BS GL TA Mail Centre 23/08/21:

Default 'Action for Children' slogan in use nationwide for the whole month so far, this example from Bristol mail centre dated 23/08/21

Return to Sender - no phone number

This is a label I don't remember seeing before, although I have seen many 'Return to Sender' labels and handstamps used after delivery has been attempted.

Return to Sender label OE1071 March 12 (ie printed 2012) for mail which could not be sent to the destination country.

As you can see this is quite different to those which are applied when delivery has been attempted and failed ("No such address", "demolished") or negated ("refused", "gone away", "deceased").  

The heading reads: We were unable to forward this item to the destination country because

and the reasons are - Service Suspended, Underpaid, Obsolete Product, Service Not Available, Oversized, Overweight, Damaged, Delivery Address Incomplete.

Royal Mail's information on Dubai indicates that a telephone number of the addressee is required. I suspect this could be for one of two reasons - either the tracked service is handled by a Courier company rather than Emirates Post, or because VAT is changed on all imports and a phone call could be used to collect payment - though in the current UK situation of phone scams referring to further payments to be made for parcel delivery, I can't see that sort of thing working here!

UPDATE 23 August.  John F writes: I have noticed for some time now that my correspondents in India insist that I use their mobile number as the last part of the address.  Apparently they do not have a delivery to the door as we do but they have to call at their local Post Office from time to time to collect their mail.  However when it is a tracked or signed item from the UK they get a phone call from their local Post Office advising them of its availability and they can collect it immediately. 

In the past I used to use the Internationally Signed service and in India it seems to have been treated as a registered item.  However more recently I have been using the Internationally Tracked service
(marginally cheaper now) and it has been received and treated as a  Speed Post item at least initially.

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