Tuesday 19 June 2018

Two more new stamps added to the shop - but with a twist

I am pleased to say that the 2p counter sheet and 1st Large business sheet 2018 printings have now been added to our shop - see 'recent additions'.

The twist is that the 2p is a 'non-visible change (NVC)' stamp printed by Walsall on 09/02/18, the same date as the 10p, 20p and £1 stamps - which were distributed by Royal Mail Tallents House to customers with NVCs as standing orders.

Obviously having discovered it after the previous distribution, they cannot economically distribute the 2p alone, so they have indicated that it will be delayed until September when the 1p, 5p and 2nd class Large counter sheet stamps will also be available.

Meanwhile the 2p can be found in Post Office branches across the country - and can be bought from Royal Mail's business website!  But dealers cannot buy from Royal Mail through normal trade channels.  What a farce.

SO.... if you regularly get NVCs from Royal Mail you don't need to buy this stamp from us - nor to pay 99p on eBay!   On the other hand if you want (and don't get) positional blocks then we have them.

An updated version of our Checklist will be available shortly.  Thank you to those people who have read it so thoroughly as to find the errors: doubtless some still exist, for which we apologise.  Please let us know if you find any.

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