Sunday 3 June 2018

June Slogan Postmarks

June's slogans has got off to a flying start with a new one in use on the first day!

Coronation 65th Anniversary
Thanks to MB & RW for the two different versions of this slogan both used on 1 June 2018.  One from Mount Pleasant and the other from North West Midlands.  I wonder what they used at Tyneside?
Commemorating the
65th anniversary of the
Queen's Coronation
2 June 2018

Chippendale 300
Thanks to MB for sending the second slogan for June.  This appears to be a one-day campaign on 2nd June and we only have one version so far from Edinburgh.
Update: Thanks too for an example of the other format from Gatwick on 4 June, so apparently running in parallel with the Scott one below.

300 years
A celebration of Britain's
greatest furniture maker 


Scott 150
Thanks also to JG for the third slogan, in use apparently on 4th June, period unknown. Again the only example so far is from Peterborough Mail Centre.  (See also Chippendale above, used on 4th June.)

150 years since the birth
of polar explorer
Captain Robert Falcon Scott
6 June 2018

Update: Thanks to GF we now have the alternative which is a 6-line format, from Belfast's Northern Ireland Mail Centre used on 7 June.

Update 11 June.  Thanks to BM we can now show the fourth new slogan in June, this one marking the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy, used at Peterborough on 8 June.  Would have been useful on 5 June for first day covers of the related stamps, but not used in time.  Another sales opportunity lost by Royal Mail.

12 June: Thanks to MB we can now show the alternate layout from North West Midlands Mail Centre, dated 11 June, so clearly this slogan is running for a few days.  Unfortunate that Chippendale and Scott were celebrated on their birth anniversaries which coincided with the issue of the Royal Academy stamps.  The Royal Academy was founded on 10 December 1768, but as this is the 250th anniversary year most of their celebrations are taking place in the summer.

UPDATE 6 August:  Thanks to 'McSet' who sent yet another example of out-of-period use, with this RA250 slogan from Tyneside used on 31 July.


18 June:  Thanks to MB and RW for the two different examples of the Father's Day slogan from North West Midlands and a poor example from Norwich both dated 15 June.

After that one-day slogan the default seems to be back to 'youth mental health Action For Children'.  This has been seen on 2nd class from SE Anglia on 15th and Manchester on 16th.

19 June:   Thanks again to MB and to CH for the two versions of the latest slogan which makrs the award of the Walter Scott Prize to Benjamin Myers, one from Exeter and the other from North West Midlands both on 18.06.18

Benjamin Myers
Winner of the 2018
Walter Scott Prize
for historical fiction

25 June:  MB has opened his post again and sent an example of this year's Dog Awareness Week slogan. The Dog Awareness campaign runs every year and today's media has many reports due to the hard work of the Royal Mail media team. It's a pity they can't send the same info to philatelic journalists so that the information is available in advance: it wouldn't harm their media activity. BBC linkBelatedly we have the alternative layout from MB, from Dorset and SW Hants dated 25-06-2018.  See also July's listing which shows this in use at North West Midlands on 7 July.

Dog Awareness
Week 2018
Get advice & tips at


27 June: The Art Fund - the operating name of the National Art Collections Fund - has a contest to find The Museum of the Year.  There are five finalists including the Postal Museum. MB has sent a copy of the latest slogan postmark which notes Brooklands Museum as one of the finalists - which suggests that there will be a slogan for each of the finalists.  But this series is likely to be interrupted by one tomorrow for Armed Forces Day which is this Saturday, 30 June.

The Brooklands slogan is from Edinburgh, and dated 27 June 2016. Thanks to MG we can at last show the other layout, from Lancashire & South Lakes (Preston) 27/06/18

             Art Fund_ 
             Museum of
                 the Year 2018
Brooklands Museum

* the underscore after 'Art Fund_' is deliberate and part of their operating name.

28 June:  the second museum of the year candidate to get a slogan is Ferens Art Gallery, this example from North West Midlands 28 June 2018.  And we also now have the Edinburgh version.

2 July:  the third candidate is the Glasgow Women's Library, used here in Edinbugh on 30 June 2018

30 June:  As predicted a slogan was used yesterday, 29 June, for today's Armed Forces Day - and one arrived at Norvic Towers, from Chester & N Wales:

Forces Day
30 June 2018

Thanks to JG for sending an example of the other version from Swindon also on 29 June:

As usual, we will be pleased to show more new ones that you find and will add them here or on the appropriate month's post, as soon as possible.


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  2. North and West Yorkshire had the following cancels in use:-
    1/6/18 ‘Please remember to use the Postcode’
    4/6/18 ‘Chippendale’
    Both were 1st class letters sorted by machine 1

    Medway had the ‘Hay Festival’ cancel on 29/5/18

    Cornwall was using their universal machine on 11/5/18


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