Friday 19 January 2018

We were powerless.....

Yes, during and after what the UK Met Office eventually referred to as 'Storm David', the name assigned by the French Met Office, we lost power from around 0620 on Thursday until 1500 Friday.  But we in our road were just a few of the 58,000 in Norfolk and Suffolk to lose power.  

Unfortunately due to the large number of incidents engineers only came to our incident this morning, but before they arrived a chuck wagon arrived on behalf of UK Power Network, providing hot drinks, soup, porridge, phone/tablet recharging facilities, and even I even saw one of our neighbours with her laptop using their wifi in the van!  So thanks to UKPN, and Haste Ltd.

So, there are a number of domestic issues to address before we're fully back up and running.  Emails will be answered according to their priority, but all within a couple of days.

Any orders received in the last couple of days should be despatched on Tuesday next, and the work-in-progress job of stock-taking Post and Go stamps will continue with some more stock being added where it was missed out before.  We should have all our Game of Thrones stock online by the date of issue.

This incident has been a reminder to always keep candles and matches close at hand, together with camping gas burners and lights, and keep mobile phones etc as fully charged as you can.  And if you are like us, using 'walkabout' landline phones - which rely on electricity - remember to have an ordinary plug-in phone available.  If, like others, you sent them all to charity shops or recycling when you got your posh 'answer it anywhere' phones, head back to the charity shop, and get another one.  That's the only way you can ring for help, and communicate with your power provider when your mobile devices have died, and are essential if you need the emergency services. 

Oh, and batteries for the radio are a good idea; stops all those dreadful silences when you can't think of anything else to talk about and you've done all the newspaper 'crosswords-by-candlelight'!

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  1. Welcome back Ian, hope you get sorted soon. Thank you for the very valuable advice ref phones, I have an answer anywhere type, so will get a plug in ASAP just in case.


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