Monday 8 January 2018

Postal Heritage Mail by Sea Post and Go stamps issued at Stampex

As shown in the 2018 schedule, Royal Mail will issue the fourth in their Postal Heritage series of Post and Go stamps on 14 February, during Spring Stampex, but we have been told that there will be no Post and Go machines AT Stampex.

The nearest Post and Go machines, as far as I know, will be at Mount Pleasant Enquiry Office, at the Islington Post Office branch at 160-161 Upper Street, and at the Postal Museum where the stamps will have the Museum inscription.

The stamps depict a series of ships which have carried the mails for a period of 230 years from HM Packet Antelope in 1780, the SS Great Western, the SS Britannia, the RMS Olympic (sister ship to the Titanic), to the first of the Queen's, the RMS Queen Mary, closing with the RMS St Helena which is due to end its service soon.

Bureau pack
FDC Insert (click on image to see larger, readable, version)


  1. Where is the logic in not having any Post & Go machines at Spring Stampex for this issue which I'm sure will be quite popular. I thought that Royal Mail were in business to make money from their stamp sales. Maybe someone can let all the collectors know the reason why.

  2. If they now start to issue less Post & Go varities, is that not a good thing. I hope there will be a big reduction in Post and Go. Royal Mail please remove all machines from museums other than The Postal Museum.

  3. Whilst I partly agree with Anonymous that a reduction in some of the Post & Go machines might be better for the collectors I thought that at least one machine at Stampex would be a good thing. This is, after all a major stamp show with Royal Mail present plus this is a new issue for the 14th February.

    1. Brian, you are right, of course. Given that there is a new P&G issue nothing could be more logical than to have an RM P&G machine there, especially as I now see that Guernsey and Jersey will both have (IAR/RM supported) P&G machines there.

      I think Stamps & Collectibles have been told to reduce the - what must be significant - cost of Stampex considerably. I doubt that it adds much to their sales, as most of the die-hard collectors who wait to buy there could as easily order from Tallents House/Doxford.

  4. So I presume that means the end of P&G at shows like the Scottish Congress etc?
    Doug (Enfield)

  5. That is the plan as I understand.

  6. Hopefully they will be able to finish my order from Spring Stampex ...2017. They try and do to much and much of it badly. If you offend your customers to often they won't come back.

  7. I see these will be on sale at the Postal Museum on the first day of issue and possibly at the Mount Pleasant EO so at least collectors can get them from these places. Pity about Stampex.

  8. Beautiful illustrations of a bygone era. Post and Go stamps show how good stamp designs can be. Abolish photos on stamps, which is a lazy way of issuing stamps. Be more creative, Royal Mail.


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