Monday 17 July 2017

Post and Go Correction - don't waste a journey.

A correspondent has sent us some information which will be of interest to anybody interested in getting the Post and Go stamps advertised in the July edition of Philatelic Bulletin for BFPO at the end of this week.

For a start, admission to RAF Northolt's Open Day (NORFEST) was limited to local residents, so if you wanted the special inscription from Post and Go machine M001 which was announced for 22nd July 2017 you would have to know somebody who could prove their local residence and who had applied or tickets in advance.

Now we have been told that there is no access to the Post and Go machine, which will not have any specific inscription for the open day.

Our correspondent has had this reply from the man in charge of the base (my emphasis):
I thought that it may be prudent to clarify on my previous email.  BFPO have taken the decision not to support Norfest (RAF Northolt families and friends day) with the Post and Go kiosk and there will not be an overprint to mark the occasion.  HQBFPO will also be closed to those attending Norfest as the individuals attending will be kept to specific locations on camp for security reasons.  I believe that not having an overprint to mark the day is the best course of action, as this will ensure that no one in particular (Norfest attendees) has an advantage to collect HQBFPO Post and Go stamps.  
So anybody who had arranged to attend will probably enjoy their day, but anybody who had arranged with non-philatelic friends/relatives to get Post and Go stamps would be advised to tell them not to hunt too far!

My thanks to JG for this information, which has also been passed on to the Bulletin editors!
Apologies that an earlier version of this post was published before it was completed.

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