Tuesday 18 July 2017

New stamps in short supply - further stocks awaited

As many of our customers have noted, we are out of stock - already - of several of the most recently discovered stamp booklets.

We are currently out of  these booklets and have very few (if any) stamps to sell as singles:
RB 6.7 -  1st Large x 4 booklet M17L
ME 7a.7 - 2nd x 12 booklet M17L
MB18a.7 - 1st x 6 Padlock booklet M17L
MF 9a.7 - 1st x 12 booklet M17L
MB18a - 1st x 6 Padlock M16L SBP2 - back in stock, as is 2936a.6a, but not for long.
Some of these were found in supermarkets (supplied by Royal Mail), and some in Post Offices (supplied by Post Office Ltd Supplies Dept).   In both cases subsequent supplies have been of earlier stamps.  Similarly, old stocks of business sheets are still being delivered (a 2014 printing of the 1st Large is now available in our local crown office).

More stocks are being sort and when we visit the west of the country soon we may find some more - or they may have stamps that are older still!

Stocks will be made available as soon as we are able.


  1. The books of 12 1st and 2nd Class M17L are now in Huddersfield at local post offices.

  2. Books of 12 x 2nd booklet Year=17 now available at Waltham ABBEY, Essex. Very helpful counter clerks and put themselves out to search through stocks. Doug (Enfield)

  3. The 4 x 1st large booklet with year code = 17 is now available at Waltham Abbey (Essex). They have old 16 and new 17 so ask the very helpful lady counter clerk to let you have the ones you want. Doug (Enfield) Recent refreshed stocks of 1p and 2p are still year 16. Doug (Enfield)


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