Thursday 6 July 2017

Dog Awareness Week kicks of July slogan postmarks

As usual Royal Mail are using the slogan postmark for Dog Awareness Week.  In summer more doors are open and more dogs are out, so the risk of a few of them being unfriendly towards all delivery workers increases.  There are on average nearly 50 attacks per week just on postal workers, according to the Royal Mail media release.

Here's this year's example, from Aberdeen Mail Centre on 03-07-2017

And the other format from Plymouth and Cornwall MC 03.07.17

UPDATE 10 July
By now some of you may already have seen a new postmark which Royal Mail announced in a press release today.   Royal Mail marks 30 years of Payroll Giving will be appearing on mail delivered from today until Saturday 15th July.  No image of the postmark is included in the publicity.  The Payroll Giving system is described on this website.

Update 11 July
Two copies received in this morning's post, neither of them particularly good.  One format from South Midlands Mail Centre 10-07-2017 and the other from Tyneside NE/SR Mail Centre 07.07.17

And a better one (thanks JG) from Peterborough MC also 10-07-2017 - this one has the slogan in a larger form to that shown for South Midlands.

UPDATE 18 July
On the 200th Anniversary of the death of Jane Austen mail delivered today has this postmark with the simple slogan
Jane Austen

here shown used at Norwich Mail Centre 17-07-2017

Also on this day the Bank of England will unveil the new polymer £10 note featuring the portrait of Austen, and the Royal Mint will release a £2 coin with her silhouette and signature.

Update 19 July
In the absence of an official announcement we must assume that Jane Austen was a one-day slogan because Norwich Mail Centre used a Postcode slogan on 18-07-2017.

Update 25 July
Thanks to a correspondent who has provided a copy of the slogan marking 50 years since Peterborough was designated a new town (on 21 July 1967).  This was posted in Britsol Mail Centre's area and delivered locally.  Odd, then, that no similar slogan was used (as far as I know) for Milton Keynes for 23 January this year - I can't find mention of it on the blog so I assume it didn't happen.

So I suppose we can look forward to similar non-local slogans next year for
  • Northampton, Northamptonshire (designated 14 February 1968)
  • Warrington, Cheshire (designated 26 April 1968)
  • Telford, Shropshire (designated 29 November 1968)
Update 28 July
On the opening day of the new Postal Museum, NB has sent this example of a slogan - presumably in use nationwide - from the Bristol Mail Centre - applied on 27 July for delivery today, to publicise the opening of the museum.

UPDATE 31 July - same format from North and West Yorkshire on the day before the opening, and another on the actual date of opening, from Peterborough.

UPDATE 1 August
July bows out with what may be a new Royal Mail default slogan (aside from the Postcode Clearly one).   The example shown is from Greenford/Windsor Mail Centre 31.07.17

Royal Mail
mental health

Other examples of this slogan used this week will be shown here.  Other slogans used in August will be in a new post.

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  1. A comment from a UK based Danish Postcrosser said that Danish posties could take official dog biscuits with them on their route to bribe dogs, and apparently, they used more than a ton of biscuits a year.


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