Friday 23 June 2017

New Machin M17L images; New stock - webshop update.

After a week of catch-up and dodging carpenter, painter and electrician, I'm now able to show the latest Machin security stamps to be available, and the new Post and Go Anniversary stamps.  Many of these are now available on our webshop.

Firstly the 1p and 2p counter sheet stamps.  The 1p was printed 08/03/17 and is on SBP2, and the 2p was printed on 30/01/17 and is on plain backing paper.  They are printed, of course, by De La Rue, as usual.

The 2nd class business sheet has also appeared - but only used (and uncancelled!) - so we don't know the printing date or what type of backing paper.  More news (and hopefully stock) when we have it.
Update 26 July - printing date now confirmed as 06/03/17

We have also added the Machin 50th Anniversary Post and Go stamps, for which we have sets of 6 x 1st, as well as the usual collectors sets of 6 and 36.

If you have to ask for new stamps to be loaded into a Post Office Self-Service Kiosk don't forget to look out for test strips (see above right).  These replacedlast September's Ladybirds stamps in machine 67, the one furthest from the entrance.

While at Yeovil we also had the opportunity to top up on 2nd class Post and Go stamps, and now have MA12 and MA13 available in the shop.


  1. Has anything come (yet) of DLR’s plan to move stamp production to Malta?

  2. Hi Ian
    Any estimate when these may be in the shop?
    2nd class M17L MTIL and 1st Large M17L MFIL.

    1. Not yet; it depends on whether new stocks arrive at the post offices where first stocks were found. They have been ordered.

      Likewise we still haven't found any 2nd class business sheets so the only one found (as far as I know) is the used one shown above.


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