Wednesday 28 June 2017

Machin stamp and webshop update

We've now received the booklets mentioned recently and added them to our webshop. On this occasion we are lucky enough to have cylinder booklets as well as plain, but number are limited and we may not be able to repeat, depending what the PO branches get from central stores.

2nd x 12 booklet - ME 7a.7 containing M17L stamps on SBP2 - 2931.7

1st Large x 4 booklet - RB 6.7 containing M17L stamps on SBP2 - 2937a.7

1st x 6 Padlock booklet - MB18a.7 containing M17L stamps on SBP2 - 2936aS.7a
The Machin Anniversary booklet issued 5.6.17 was printed (probably last year or in January) on SBP1, so this is the same stamp but on different backing paper.

We have also taken the opportunity to add some cylinder books to the Machin Anniversary booklet, MB19. and have added the David Bowie booklet (PM56) which was somehow overlooked earlier in the year.

Apart from the used example mentioned earlier, there have been no sightings of the 2nd class business sheet coded M17L yet.


  1. Am I right in calculating there are now just potentially seven 2017-coded Machins to appear: 50p(?), £1, 1st red MBIL, 2nd Large MBIL, 2nd Large MFIL, 1st RMSF and 1st SD 500g?

    1. I think you are probably right: I would update my annual list if I had time! New version of the Checklist coming very soon.

      The other new stamps which will almost certainly appear would be the 2p and the 10p and possibly the SD 100g and the 1st Large RMSF, on SBP2 instead of plain paper.

  2. Maybe another one:- 2nd M17L MBIL?

    1. You're reading top-down, aren't you? Drop down a bit and you'll see the pictures of that very stamp, here:


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