Tuesday 6 June 2017

Machin anniversary slogan starts June reports.

As I hoped, Royal Mail have produced a slogan postmark for the 50th Anniversary of the Machin definitive - and as I might have predicted, there was no prior announcement so only those who took a gamble would have got this slogan on the day of issue of the stamps.

Thanks to several readers who have sent images of slogans while we have been on holiday. I hadn't noticed that the original one (above) has the spelling error Definitv !  This was unchanged on 9 June.

Exeter mail centre has the correct spelling, as has an illegible one from SE England, both on Friday 2 June:

The Father's Day slogan has reappeared this year, this a remarkably clear print on one of the new Machin Post and Go stamps from Jubilee Mail Centre 14-06-2017

UPDATE 22 June:  Father's Day still in use in Edinburgh Mail Centre on 20 June, but not good enough to show here.

But just in case we have forgotten that National Stationery Week runs from 24-30 April, North West Midlands were using it again on 10 June.

Running concurrently with, or just before, Father's Day was this one for World Blood Donor Day (june 14th), used at Mount Pleasant on Tuesday 13 June. (Thanks to MM)

Look out for two new slogans which were announced on MyRoyalMail website.

Tomorrow (21 June) is Reserves Day, marking the contribution made by those who give up their spare time to serve in the Reserve Forces. Royal Mail have around 220 military reservists who combine working for Royal Mail with protecting their country – at home and overseas.

And look out for our special Royal Mail postmarks on Reserves Day (21 June) and Armed Forces Day (24 June.)

Update 23 June:
An example of the Reserves Day postmark from South East Anglia on the actual day, 21 June 2017.

Update 5 July 
The final slogan for June is the Armed Forces Day slogan, shown here from Sheffield on 24 June 2017


  1. I got Jun 2 from Greenford/Windsor

  2. Bristol used National Stationery week on the 5th! Also had a Mothers Day in May from them as well. There seems to be little control of this now and coupled with the P&G fiasco at Perth it makes you wonder who's in charge!

  3. Elliot Matthew8 June 2017 at 10:49

    Not sure this is the right place but I heard from one of the employees of a Crown Post Office that Royal Mail has requested that they cancel all stamps in excess of the 1st Large rate on items submitted over the counter. There is apparently increasing concern at the loss of revenue due to stamp reuse. This is a bit of an about-turn as for ages I tried to get my post cancelled in this way and was refused each time!

    1. I was told the same at Dereham crown office, but the same has not percolated to all sub-offices, and franchised offices may be reluctant.
      If you ask nicely, many will cancel everything and if you have pictures on your phone showing what happens to those that are missed by the machine you may persuade them. If not tell them you will take your business elsewhere!

    2. My local Post Office in Thatcham usually hand cancel all of my parcels I send. This does depend on who is serving at the time but not many go in the bag uncancelled.

    3. My Local Crown Post Office will Cancel Mail if requested,as will my Local Store Post Office in my Village of Galmpton.
      But I do notice sometimes when Stamps are Cancelled they get a Machine Cancel also from the Exeter Sorting Office.

  4. I see that the Birmingham Machin slogan is the same as the Tyneside version I have, they appear to have missed out the i and e at the end of definitive, has anyone got one with the correct spelling?

  5. I have 2 items with the same definitv spelling. One from the south east Anglia mail centre and the other from Sheffield mail centre.

  6. I have Bristol and Manchester with incorrect spelling but Exeter in a different format which is correctly spelt

  7. Now, to get post-people to do this for all mail marked ‘Do Not Bend’
    (Sorry for posting this here rather than emailing you, but I have internet issues at the moment)

  8. I've just received a weird one - a local Cornwall 2nd class with two slogans over the top of each other - World Blood/Donor Day/11 June 2017 and another one which I can't make out the first 2 lines but ends with Sunday 18 June so I assume it relates to Father's Day? I'll try and send Ian a scan when I can

  9. New cancels over the next few days


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