Monday 12 December 2016

A confusion of islands at Stampex

On the subject of errors - see post below - here's one which has only recently reached us.  This customer writes:
At the Autumn Stampex I bought a Collector Strip from the Jersey Machine, with the
Battle of the Somme overprint. I checked the printing and all seemed fine. It was not until Monday that I was able to sort out my purchases but on so doing I became confused as to what I was looking at. Clearly, I had made a mistake and bought two of one item and none of another.
Indeed, an error had been made on my part, brought about by my not having my wits about me. I had not, as I thought, made the wrong purchases but I hadn't spotted - until Monday morning, that is - that the Jersey Machine had issued a Guernsey Strip but with the Jersey datastring.

Had I been more alert, of course, I would have bought a few and then informed the Staff of the wrong roll in the machine. But I wasn't so I didn't. But I shall be more alert in future.

I have, from time to time, looked on ebay to see if anyone is selling these Errors but either they aren't or I've missed them

The moral of the story - if I needed to remind you - is to look closely at everything you buy, as soon as you can. Had our reporter bought more he could have sold them on eBay or to me for our regular customers, and could have paid for his trip from Yorkshire to London several times over!

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  1. Ian

    I purchased similar at STAMPEX about 4pm on the Thursday. Unfortunately I was back in Scotland before I looked at my purchases so like you client I learnt the lesson the hard way! According to Vince Patel the wrong roll was only on the m/c for a very short period of time.

    John Embre


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