Friday 29 July 2016

Landscape Gardens Stamp Book continues 1st class purple

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown who is remembered as ‘the last of the great 18th century artists’ and England’s greatest gardner.   Royal Mail marks this on 16 August with a set of 8 stamps and a retail booklet including the 2 x 1st class stamps.

A write-up of the locations shown on the 8 stamps - including (at last) two 2nd class stamps and two at £1.05, which will please people writing to Europe and sending Postcrossing cards worldwide - is on our latest new webpage.  Special postmarks associated with this stamp issue will be included in Royal Mail's Postmark Bulletin for 22 July and 5 August.

Set of 8 stamps

Self-adhesive Retail Booklet

Cylinders are W1 - cyan, magenta, yellow, black, (space), amethyst purple, and phosphor.  I can't see an iridescent cylinder, unless it exactly coincides with the phosphor!

We will not be able to sell these booklets due to the temporary closure of our webshop.  Booklets (both plain and cylinder) and pairs of self-adhesive stamps will be available when we reopen in November.


  1. It is good to see Royal Mail still issuing 2nd class special stamps.

  2. Not quite sure why we need another book of 6 first class stamps, given that two different books of 6 were issued less than three weeks ago.

    1. The stated reason (long ago) is to make users more aware of special stamps by including them in the ones books they would be offered if they asked for 6x1st class (or "a book of...") stamps at the PO. Also they might be available to buy at supermarkets, card shops, newsagents & other corner shops where most stamps are now sold to social users.

    2. Ideal opportunity for a 2nd Class book as well then based on RM's logic(or,perish the thought, a mixed book!)The supermarket where my better half works last 4+2 was the RWC last year. They seem to get a random allocation of books, not sure whether they come direct from PO or via the their own distribution network. Currently they have 6 x purple on SBP so not holding out a lot of hope finding any soon!

    3. Why are retail booklets so called? Why "retail"? Prestige books, FDCs, miniature sheets and commemorative stamps are also sold to retail customers ie the public. Why is the word "retail" required?

    4. I think it is because they are designed to be sold at outlets other than Royal Mail and Post Offices. The bar-code is used by supermarkets, card shops, garages, etc. It distinguishes them from any other stamp booklet, ie PSBs

    5. I guess that's a valid explanation.
      Thank you.


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