Wednesday 20 January 2016

Stampex Post and Go stamps update, update V2

Royal Mail have advised that the Machin and Locomotive stamps may be pre-ordered in strips of 6, which means that it will be easier for dealers to supply 1st class only from those designs from B001.  Stampex details here.

Why can't they just make a decision and stick to it?

From Royal Mail's Post and Go News:

Spring Stampex 17-20 February 2016
Kiosks A006, A008 and A009 will be in operation at Spring Stampex.

All machines will carry the new issue RM Heritage Transport designs with machines A008 and A009 also carrying the Machin design with a ‘500 Years of Royal Mail’ overprint.

Machine A006 will also carry single design reels of the locomotive design from the RM Heritage Transport set.

Jersey machine JE01 will carry the new issue Jersey Crest designs along with the Jersey Flag. The flag design will carry a ‘500 Years of Postal History’ overprint.

Guernsey machine GG01 will carry the new Bailiwick Life designs along with the Guernsey Flag. The flag design will carry a ‘500 Years of Postal History’ overprint.

Gibraltar machine GI01 will carry the new international Year of the Monkey design alongside the Gibraltar Flag. No overprint will appear on the Gibraltar Flag design.

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  1. Given the past history of incorrect information, probably best to wait and see what is at Stampex. Let’s see if they add to their litany of errors at this exhibition!


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