Wednesday 6 January 2016

New Year starts with new slogan postmark for Royal Mail 500
As readers will have seen from the 2016 programme, Royal Mail is celebrating 500 years of the establishment of the Royal Mails by Henry VIII in 1516.  Using material from the BPMA a huge mini-site has been set up linked from the homepage of Royal Mail's website, including a wealth of information and a large gallery of images.

Operationally a new slogan postmark has been in use since 4 January; thanks to Bob for these pictures of examples from Bristol and Swindon Mail Centres.  Also shown the specimen from Royal Mail's press release.

This specimen shows more detail than could ever be seen on the ink-jet postmarks!

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  1. Hello, I have a question more or less linked to the history of Royal Mail.

    To summarize postal history, a French publoc channel used archival extracts from what would look like either an exhibition or animated film, with paper cut characters and set, telling the story of the first postage stamp. Would it be from Britain? Does someone know the origin of these pictures (the first seconds of the news report)

    link to the report (in French):


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