Monday 9 November 2015

Exhibition Post and Go Stamps - Confusion Over New Strips

Collectors of Post and Go stamps from international exhibitions have reported an interesting development from the Sindelfingen and Paris exhibitions.

As mentioned in our first announcement for these events:
'European Collector Strips' of four stamps (1st Class, Euro 20g/World 10g, Europe 100g and Worldwide 20g) will be introduced for the first time.
However, the machines at Sindelfingen dispensed a different Collector Strip, as shown here:

As you can see, the values included in this £4.10 strip are 1st class, 1st Large, Europe 100g - and then Euro20/World10.  This excludes the Worldwide 20g and 100g values from the normal 6-stamp strip - but not in the same order!

My enquiries of Royal Mail reveal that they were not aware of this apparent error.  However, at the Paris exhibition, the situation had changed and the strips dispensed were of the values originally announced, totalling £4.48:

So for each of the Euro strips sold in Sindelfingen Royal Mail's sales were 38p less than they intended - and they didn't notice!

Perhaps sometime they will also choose a line description that will not over-write the quantity and value on the receipt!

My thanks to Ian P for these pictures.


  1. Note that kiosks in use are both new - A013 and A014.

  2. Strange that these new machine started with session in the 2800’s

  3. My understanding is that the Collectors' Strips from Sindelfingen were four values ONLY - no strips of six. Hence two extra singles were needed for the full set. Can anyone confirm this? Not sure about Paris yet.

    1. I don't know whether the Euro collectors strips of four (as shown) from Paris and Sindelfingen were an addition to the menu or a replacement. Certainly if they were a replacement for the full sets of 6 then, yes, two more would be needed.

    2. Just had it confirmed from a reliable source (who was there!) that the Sindelfingen strips were indeed only available in fours, as will be the case for Paris. Apparently, Hong Kong will revert to strips of six.


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