Friday 7 August 2015

Post and Go Stamps Singpex 2015

I received the news today, not yet on Royal Mail's website nor the IAR site, that (unlike for Essen) Royal Mail Tallents House will be selling 'GB' versions of the Post and Go stamps with the Exhibition inscription, but only in collectors strips.

The additional inscription will be

Singpex 2015
World Stamp Expo

As usual for exhibition issues, we won't be stocking these, or the ones from Singapore.  Tallents House stock codes are ZS036 for Machins and ZS037 for Union Flag.

Pictures of the labels will be added after the show.


  1. What a pity that someone didn't come up with the idea of featuring Singapore on one of the designs of the new Post and Go set and then producing a Collectors strip of the Singapore design with the added inscription from the kiosk at the Exhibition to make a highly collectable item.

  2. Can confirm the inscription the string is B8GB15 B001 **** ***
    Those I have are Machin and Flag both undated stock

    1. Can confirm GB Machins also exist as MA13 stock as well as undated

  3. My Machin strip is dated 'MA13'


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