Sunday 23 August 2015

August News Update - Post and Go Stamps and Slogan Postmarks

Thanks to a loyal band of reporters who have keep their eyes peeled while I have been away, I can report several pieces of Post and Go Faststamp, and special Slogan Postmark news.

Post and Go from Singpex - 14-19 August 2015.

Thanks to Chris for a picture of the 'GB' Singpex Faststamps sent out (early on 13 August) from Royal Mail Tallents House.  These have MA13 year code.   Mike reports that his GB supplies from Tallents House have undated Machins!  What a pity Tallents House can't be consistent: if you wanted one of each you would have to keep buying and take pot-luck that you got what you wanted.

UPDATE 26 August 2015: Thanks to Michael at cddstamps who went to Singapore and has allowed me to use his pictures of the stamps and machines at the exhibition.  (Click on the images to see larger versions.)

New Museum Location for Post and Go machine......

Royal Mail is pleased to announce that machine A010 will go live at the Steam GWR Museum in Swindon from 25 August 2015. Union Flag and Machin designs will be available with a ‘STEAM GWR’ identifier.   (Thanks to DF for this.)

UPDATE 24August:  The kiosk will be in the entrance to the museum and there is no charge for access. A series of events are planned with this kiosk throughout 2016 when the Museum celebrates Swindon175.

UPDATE 26 August 2015: Thanks to Bob and Chris for these pictures from Swindon (again, click on them for larger versions).  The Machins are MA13 and the flags undated.


.... and a new location in Guernsey

Machine GG02 will go live from 2 September at Envoy House in Guernsey and will carry the Guernsey Flag as well as the Union Flag. The identifier will be ‘ Envoy House’.  (Also from DF.)

Slogan Postmarks

Three better versions of the Edinburgh Fringe postmark first reported here.

Dorset and SW Hants basic version 10-08-2015

Nottingham Mail Centre 07.08.15 (Delivered by Royal Mail)

Plymouth and Cornwall 10.08.15 reverse format to an address in Wales, so with the bilingual 'Delivered by..' portion.

Coinciding with the issue of the Bees stamps, two versions of a slogan to promote their sale. Thanks to BM for these two.

BUZZ BUZZ / New Stamps / Explore British Bees / 

From Swindon Mail Centre 17-08-2015

and Bristol (BA,BS,GL,TA) Mail Centre 17.08.15.

The use of this would allow for first day covers to be produced with this slogan - did anybody manage to get a good clean example?

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