Thursday 15 May 2014

'Postal boxes' coming to Morrisons

May 12th 2014: InPost, the largest global operator of a 24/7 parcel locker network, has secured an agreement with Morrisons Supermarket to host parcel lockers across the UK. 

InPost continues to rapidly expand its collection points throughout the UK, with the intention of achieving in excess of 1,500 sites by the end of the year. To accelerate the locker system roll-out, the company has signed an agreement with Morrisons, which operates a total of over 500 Superstores around the country. The first collection point is now operating and is located at the Morrisons site on Dewsbury Road in Wakefield, with plans for further lockers to be established throughout the country to develop a 24/7 ‘click and collect’ network.

Lorna Mushing, Estates Manager at InPost, commented: “Morrisons is a trusted brand in the UK and we are delighted to be working alongside the property team to develop the locker locations at such an established, forward-thinking company. It’s been extremely heartening to see the e-commerce, retail and logistics sectors embracing our unique, robust and highly secure facilities. The lockers deliver real added-value to our client partners and host sites and InPost now boasts close to 1,000 collection points across the UK, since the company’s launch in April 2013. The company has seen rapid growth and is now the largest network of its kind in the UK and this partnership with Morrisons will help to further increase the pace of our expansion.”

Stacey Elsworth, Estates Data & Information Manager at Morrisons, said: “We have worked very closely with InPost over the past few months in order to install the parcel lockers at Morrisons sites across the UK. We are excited about this new venture and it offers a real opportunity to existing Morrisons customers, along with the local community, to have a parcel collection service that suits their needs.”

The InPost system is ideal for e-commerce, the retail sector, business-to-business applications and other markets, where ease of parcel collection is crucial. The lockers enable customers to place orders online from a range of different retailers that they then pick up from a local site, at a time that suits them. 

Locker parcel collection is the solution for busy shoppers who don’t have time to wait in for a traditional delivery, a near impossible task for 56% of today’s consumers . Provided by InPost, the collection point houses 47 individual lockers of varying sizes and will be conveniently located at stores throughout the country, allowing local shoppers to collect or return their parcels at any time of the day or night.

InPost is operated by Integer, a Polish company. InPost has introduced the solutions already in Australia, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.  For more inforamtion see 


  1. Slightly puzzled as to why this press release merits inclusion in your fantastic blog. It has nothing to do with philately.

    1. For the same reason that I may also report the mis-deeds of TNT's delivery workers. Both are relevant to postal services, and competition that Royal Mail faces. I don't expect to do much like this, but I have also written about the USPS and Canada Post, for other reasons.

  2. There's nothing stopping RM doing the same now, they should sign up Tesco and other Supermarkets as quick as they can. Others will no doubt.


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