Monday 2 December 2013

Why there were no MA10 or later 2009 50p Security Stamps

Collectors will recall that the security stamps were originally issued in 2009 with no specific year code - the word MAIL appearing where later there was a numeric code.  Whilst most of the NVI stamps - 2nd, 1st, 2nd Large, 1st Large - were subsequently reprinted every year with relevant year codes, the Signed For pair only occurred with MA10 codes, and the £1 ruby didn't appear until 2011 (M11L).  The £2 arrived in 2013 (MA13) - but for the others we will only know if they were even printed when actual examples are found.

But a recent discovery suggests that the 50p light grey (replaced this year with the slate-grey version) won't be included - because a printing of 07/08/09 has now made an appearance.  If it has taken that long to use the original printings of 08/12/08 and 18/03/09, it seems unlikely that there were more printings in 2010 and subsequent years.

In certain light there appear to be slight differences in the shade between the 18/03/09 and 07/08/09 printings:

The only difference I can see is that the bottom margin is deeper on the later printing, but this may not be a constant variation.

As seen on the cylinder blocks, there are 6 grid positions on the new printing, as there were on the earlier ones.

Jim has sent this comparative picture of the 18/03/09 printing with the earlier 08/12/08 printing.  As you can see the later one is much darker.


  1. When the Recorded Signed for stamps were issued in November 2009 they had no date code, however the subsequent reprint had the MA10 date code.

    1. I think if you re-read the sentence you will see that that is what I wrote. Of those that had versions *after* the 2009 versions, the NVIs came every year, the Signed For only in 2010, the £1 only in 2011 and the £2 only in 2013, the key word being 'reprinted".


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