Monday 16 December 2013

Spring Stampex Wednesday Wonder - Flowers Faststamps

As already announced the designs for 2014 Faststamps will be flowers and foliage.  As announced in some places, but not everywhere, the issue date will be the Wednesday, ie the first day, of both Stampex events.  This break from tradition means that those attending Spring Stampex for the Welsh Railways issue on Thursday, will find the flowers already in the Post and Go machines.

The three sets of Fastamps will be Spring Blooms (19 February), Symbolic Flowers (17 September) and Winter Greenery (13 November).  There will be no pictorial issue in the summer. 

The Spring designs are shown below:

From the top: Primrose, Snowdrop, Lesser Celandine, Wild Daffodil, Dog Violet, and Blackthorn.

As usual they will be available with 6 service indicators added.  Printed as usual by International Security Printers in gravure the stamps are designed by Kate Stephens using illustrations by Julia Trickey.

UPDATE 1 February
This is a pair from the Bureau pack which shows that there is a year code of MA14 just above the 'g' of 100g.  The datastring is A2GB14 C2-051840-14

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