Wednesday 9 October 2013

Machin MA13 2nd class definitive from counter sheets has now appeared

We are now able to show the latest addition to the 2013 Machin definitive stable, the 2nd class from counter sheets.

This is now to hand, and have been added to stock.  Some blocks and gutter pairs are also available.

Some values with MA13 have been found with new printing dates and the following have been added to our shop today.

20p now with printing date 09/05/13
88p now with printing dates 30/07/13, 29/08/13
£1.28 now with printing date 24/04/13
2nd Large now with printing dates 26/07/13, 29/07/13
Others will be added as acquired - click here.

Collectors who wish to illustrate their collections with images similar to the above, might like to look at Maplin's USB Microscope.  Designed for the Windows-PC it comes with software on a mini-disc. This is no use for Macs but software for the Mac can be downloaded.  I find that it works best if the application is loaded before the device is plugged in to the USB port.  Magnification on mine is 20x and 400x - that's not the range, those are the two in-focus extremes.  The stand is useful, but to get a complete stamp in-picture the scope needs to be further above the stamp, perhaps on a thick book.  The microscope has a clicker button to capture the image, but this does not work on Macs (in my experience) and a free hand is required to click on the ImageCapture option in the menu.  Trial and error is the only way.  But the results are good enough for most purposes.


  1. Many thanks for the info on the USB microscope, I to purchased this some time ago all good except for the software.
    Updated software can be downloaded for windows and mac from the following address (links at bottom of the page)

    Certainly improved performance under windows 7, hope this is of use.

  2. The 20p MA13 with no date is on sale at Enfield Wash Post Office
    Doug (Enfield)


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