Monday 28 October 2013

British Stamp news update 28 October

No new stamps have been discovered in the last week but correspondents have provided a couple of items of news.

Robert reports that the self-adhesive poppy stamp is back at a local post office.  He mentions the date of 11 November but I suspect they will be on sale before then.  We haven't been given any official issue date.

Adrian reports that

'there has been an update to the Smilers App for the iPhone on 25 October, including adding in the ability to order multiple designs in the same transaction.
Also, there is a new "Happy Halloween" template for the labels, and the ability to add witches hats, pumpkins, etc to the image.'

Norvic shop
We're transferring the pictorial country definitives to our new shop, which means adding some values which were never included in the old one.

What shall we add next?


  1. My local Crown office had the Poppy stamps in last week and on checking the printing date I found that these were from last year. I would guess that Royal Mail kept all the returned stock from last year and just send it out to offices again this year. I know that the same thing is done with the Christmas Madonna and Child stamps.

    1. Thanks Brian.

      I expect to see reprints sometime, as the Madonna stamps were reprinted at least once - but now of course they have been replaced.

  2. I would have thought the stamps would have been ready for the 2013 Poppy Day launch (last week). Last year they were available during the last week in October. Harlow Post Office (today, 1st November) have these in the safe but not actually on the counter. They confirmed that the date printed in the selvage was 2012 (so can only assume they are last year's stock printed "Sale Date 23 Oct 2012"). With such a date being printed I would assume they can be issued any time!! What's the point in not having them on the counter? Remembrance Day will be over by the time somebody wakes up. Mind you they would make an attractive 3rd option for Christmas stamps!!
    Doug (Enfield)
    Doug (Enfield)


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