Thursday 8 August 2013

Auto Legends Stamps available from Tuesday 13th, not Monday 19th August

As we have indicated in our earlier blogpost and on our webpage, the British Auto Legends set of 6 and miniature sheet will be issued next Tuesday, 13th August.

This is also the information on Royal Mail's website:

However, when you go to the Post Office on Tuesday you may be told that the stamps are not on sale until the following week.  If so refer the branch to the Helpline where the correct date should be confirmed.  This is the reason that there may be confusion:


  1. Is it worth collecting the British Auto legends jut for the mistake.

    1. Well they won't be worth any more than any other issue just because of the error, as they are all the same. One of the Millennium stamps from 1999/2000 exists with the issue date blocked out and a new one overprinted; I think it also exists with the correct date. Whilst this may be mentioned in the specialist catalogue I'venever heard of it having a premium value because of that.


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