Sunday 14 July 2013

Missing from many Post and Go Faststamp collections - artist signed covers now available.

Pictorial Faststamps were introduced on 17 September 2010 with the first Birds series, followed on 24 January, 19 May and 16 September 2011.  The stamps were designed by Kate Stephens using illustrations by Robert Gillmor (Wikipedia entry)

In October 2011 the Norfolk and Norwich Philatelic Society (NNPS) marked its Centenary with a week-long exhibition.  Robert Gillmor lives and works on the north Norfolk Coast and the Society was pleased to be able to display some of his original artwork for the Birds stamps.  He visited the exhibition and signed copies of his book, "Birds Blocks and Stamps" and some of souvenir covers.

The latest additions to our shop stock are 18 different birds stamps on NNPS Centenary souvenir covers signed by Robert Gillmor at £5 each (5 are shown below).


For some birds we have only 1 (for some we have none at all).  All we have is now listed so if you want to add one to your collection, don't delay!  Take a look now.

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  1. post and go/fast stamps variation's are an massive additions to any collector unfortunately we who live in the southern hemisphere Perth WA don't have machine for them it's a case of pay though the nose from some persons who have the ability to get all variations. Pete GB collector since Adam was a lad.


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