Monday 1 July 2013

Enschede 2nd class coil MA12 MRIL commercial use

We reported in July last year that the 2nd class coil, printed by Enschede, was available in rolls of 10,000 with a 2012 year code MA12.  We've had mint examples available for some time (shop).  Now we can show the first on-cover example from a direct mailing source (rather than from a dealer or collector).

The two variations on the 4-line ink-jet wavy lines came from different mailings, the 'upper' one from March this year, and the 'lower' one from a recent mailing.

So if you support charities, take a good look at their mailings if they use stamps.  You might be the first to find the MA13 version, if it exists!

UDPATE: As you can see in the comments, it is not the MA13 version which has been found, but a new M12L version.  Thanks to the contributor we can show the picture.   This post is now closed for comments and comments may be made on a new current post.


  1. Hi
    I have just come across an M12L version of this MRIL 2nd class in kiloware. I specialise in these security issues and never knew this existed. Any idea where this comes from?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the report, I've also seen this on Stampboards but I hadn't really done much online today.

      I agree it is not the one that we previously saw and reported, definitely new. It will be from a different printing of the 10,000 coil. The red one is MA12 which makes this even more strange, and suggests that it might pre-date the one we were selling!