Friday 28 June 2013

Our new e-commerce site: Faststamps, packs and covers added

If you have ever visited our e-commerce site (or 'shop') you will know that for about 3 years, maybe more, we have been writing about moving to a new one.  Late last year John found a new platform at Freewebstore and we have been developing it and adding stock ever since, in between keeping the website and this blog updated, and buying and selling stamps.   The home page for the new shop is here.

We've now got all the Security Machin singles and booklets listed, including the mixed booklets, but not yet the prestige stamp books, and the latest exercise has been to move all the Post and Go Faststamps from the old shop.  While doing this we've added some single sets with varieties that we have never listed before, and at reasonable prices (we think).  So if your Faststamp collection is missing anything, or if the basic collection is complete, take a look and find out if we can help you add anything.   Here's a sample:

Perth Scottish Congress 2013 pair on FDC

At the head of every page there is a navigation bar which includes 'Recent additions'.  This will be updated when we add each new group of stamps, covers etc.  Be sure to check it often.  This is the latest entry:

28 June 2013
All Post and Go Faststamps, packs and FDCs have been added to the shop: some of these have never been on our old shop.   Click here to view.  We recommend sorting into A-Z order as this will group types together.

Thanks for visiting!

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